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“Don’t let the present overwhelm your sense of
the possibilities of the future.”
-- Timothy Forbes

A FEE-ONLY financial planning professional with a
client-centered approach, Michael Boulton is committed to:

  - Providing analysis and clarity
- Effectively defining new goals unique

to your personal situation
- Creating the path to achieve your vision

Financial Solutions has acquired clients
nearly 100% through referrals.
That 's because clients like you get solutions tailored for
your personal financial needs, not someone else's.



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Why select a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

The more an advisor is dependent on commission income, the
more there exists the potential for conflict.  This type of conflict
can cost you, the investor, both in out-of-pocket expenses
and in the possibility of receiving inappropriate advice.

Fee-Only advisors are compensated solely from the fees paid by their clients.
They do not and will not accept commissions or compensation from other sources.
By adhering to this standard, the Fee-Only advisor eliminates the potential
for conflict and can act exclusively in the best interest of the client.

Fee-Only advisors have access to numerous no-load or low-load mutual
fund products with superior track records and low expense ratios.
They are not pressured to sell company-sponsored products.

Fiduciary Relationship

Investment advisors and financial planners are held to the highest standard in the
position of a fiduciary relationship, placing the benefit of the client as their ultimate priority.
Michael Boulton is committed to meeting the client's needs first at every turn, and has total respect
for this special relationship and the responsibilities with which the client has entrusted him.


The firm's "Brochure" is a regulatory document that is also referred to as Form ADV Part II. 
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Privacy Policy

The code of ethics of the financial planning profession demands that all client
information remain confidential.  Michael Boulton pledges not to release
any client information without direct approval from the client.

What should you look for in a financial advisor?

 - Expertise
 - Personal Compatibility 
- Integrity

CONTACT -- Michael Boulton, Financial Solutions

Northern California Office: 3 Maxwell Lane, Mill Valley, CA  94941

Southern California Office:  35002 Calle Fortuna, Capistrano Beach, CA  92924

Phone: 415-388-3975; Fax: 415-388-5360;



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